Mackenzie King ruins

During my time at the university of Bishop’s I have met a really awesome friend. Everyone calls him Vee. He is from the Czech Republic and he is far from the Eastern Europe stereotype. See is one of the most charming people I have met at Bishop’s. I loved hanging out with him and I am quite sad that he is back in his home country. However, I am really happy that he’s back in familiar grounds. If he is reading this, I hope you will enjoy your time in Taiwan and anywhere else you travel.

These photos were taken by Norman Paul at the Mackenzie King ruins in the Gatineau Parks. Mackenzie King used to be Canada’s prime minister for many years. Some say that he used to ask his dog for advice…I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I find this kind of adorable. He collected ruins including these ones which are scattered around the property.

A must see place…also named the Disneyland of Gatineau Parks…Just joking.


Margot xo

Margot's negs010_a(Edited)Margot's negs010_b


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