The open mind you get after traveling

My cruise ship photographer friend once told me that it was amazing to ponder where you come from. She was always very happy and positive. One night after working on formal night, we all went to eat upstairs in the Oceanview cafe.
There, she said something that will always mark me:
“We always have to be proud of where we’re from.”
She said this to her fellow South African friends:
“Can you believe where we actually come from? We’re from Africa! How many people can say that here [on the cruise ship]?” She accentuated the “A” with her thick South African accent. It was amazing. One of my dream countries to travel to. The light-brown-haired girl was right though. How many people on a cruise ship can say they’re from Africa? The realization that you’re from a different continent is certainly something to be proud of.
Most of us don’t appreciate how awesome it is to say: “I’m from…” Even if you find your country or city “boring”, someone else will find it so interesting.
I’m from Canada. I am from a part of North America where there is sometimes snow for half the year and where the colours of the leaves change to produce a perfect paradise sight. It was so difficult for me to admit this before because I had no idea what the rest of the world was like.
I agree with my Croatian uncle, Uncle Seven: Canada is not the centre of the world. But in my heart, it is the world! Just like South Africa is my light-brown-haired friend’s world. Aninke realized a long time ago how cool it is to say where you’re from. I admire her. She always sees the positive side of everything. She taught me so much and I miss her. I miss hanging out with her and fighting with her because I’m stubborn. She’s the only person who could truly put up with me and I regret my behaviour with the others. However, the 7 months I spent on the cruise ship changed me. It opened my eyes and made me realize that I was a spoiled b%$ch before.

This is just a thought [;)], but maybe after travelling a bit and seeing the world, you open your eyes to a better world. Your mind is clearer about things in the world. You appreciate what you have. You complain less and you are smarter…somewhat.

Anyways, I thought about this subject this morning. I know I promised to write about French Polynesia, but that’s for next week.
In the meantime, I’m going to write about things in life and my thoughts about pretty much everything.

Keep coming back!

Margot xo

P.S.: Cover photo is taken by DBS shooter Conrad Bester.

This is Aninke and I in Hyde Park in Sydney, Australia:



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